a modular furniture which functions as a kitchen

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POSSI is generous

The POSSI system

The POSSI System is designed for reassembly and growth. Simple and solid joints allow for the system to be easily taken apart, moved and rebuilt into initial or new arrangements. This organic structure makes a kitchen with longevity.

How it works

  1. Have a look at our website and learn more about the POSSI System or get inspired by the shuffle mode of our configurator and see prices 💸 instantly.
  2. Book a meeting with us via the configurator or the flying 🥦 – online or in our showroom in Copenhagen. Here we will discuss all your needs and wishes.
  3. We will make a personalized proposal and offer for you.
  4. Once we agreed on a proposal we will start the production. The production will take around 8-12 weeks. Your POSSI will be delivered directly to your door step. 📦
  5. Have your POSSI built up by the help of a local installation service. We help you finding the experts. 🔧


Color Configurator

We make your kitchen planning fun, easy and efficient.

In order to get inspired use our shuffle mode or configure your kitchen or shelf in only 3 steps. Change colors, see prices 💸 instantly and put your POSSI in your space with AR 🕹.