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POSSI’s modularity allows for the system to be rearranged and upgraded with new features and technology anytime. It allows you to grow with your kitchen. You can start with a small or medium size and grow your POSSI over time into a large kitchen just according to your needs. 

For an overview of all the modules and their available colours go to components.

The collections propose pre-assumptions of configurations. Click on the images to find out more about each of them. How you arrange and colourise them is totally up to you. You can always use them as a starter to configure your personal POSSI menu: reduce or add the juice out of it. 

small POSSI
medium POSSI
large POSSI
POSSI shelf

POSSI is super easy, hyper-fun.

How it works

  1. Have a look at our collections for inspiration and at our components to inform yourself about the possibilities of POSSI’s modules, materials, colours & prices.
  2. Get help from the POSSI team. Reach out to us via or our contact form. Describe your ideas and wishes briefly. We will set up a personal meeting as soon as possible to get to know you, your needs and wishes.  
  3. Meet us. In our meeting we will go through our planning checklist together. We will answer all your questions and help you with decisions, inspirations and ideas. 
  4. Based on our meeting we will send you an individual design proposal and offer. If all is agreed on we will send you an order confirmation and you just need to lean back and relax.
  5. Once all parts arrive at your premises you can set up your POSSI yourself or with help. Cook, share & enjoy forever.