the POSSI shelf in stainless steel frames with stainless steel shelves

The POSSI shelf

For empty spots on your straight walls, book lovers, beginners and experimentalists. The POSSI shelf offers a starter kit of the POSSI system. It comes with a shortened frame unit and four shelves with colors of your choice. It is to be mounted on the wall for stability, but offers flexibility in changing colors over time. It can be an addition to your existing kitchen, wardrobe, bookshelf or of a larger POSSI configuration of course. Please go wild and play.

How it works

1. Frame colors

Choose the frame color and material. You can choose between stainless steel brushed and black coated steel in matte:

stainless steel brushed
black coated steel matte

2. Shelf colors

Choose the color of your shelves. The shelves are made in powder coated steel and stainless steel. You will have 4 shelves in every order. Feel free to choose any of the following colors:

bright orange
stainless steel brushed

3. Place your order

After you have chosen your favorite combination contact us and send us the colors to pre-order. We will collect pre-orders until December 30, 2021. The production will take 6-8 weeks. We will send out your orders as soon as they are ready.

By sending us an email make sure to send us your full name and delivery address. Thank you.

POSSI shelf
frame units
shelf layer straight
DKK price starting from
3.445,00 DKK incl. VAT
€ price starting from
419,00 € incl. VAT