How to plan a kitchen


1. Planning

How long does it take to plan a kitchen?

– Depending on the size of your dream kitchen it can take up to a few weeks to finalize the perfect POSSI with and for you. We take your wishes and needs very seriously and want to find the best solution for you. 

What is the first step to plan a kitchen?

– We want you to first get inspired on our website. The second step is to think about the overall layout and potential space of your future kitchen. If you approach us with these two things, preferred colors and rough measurements, we can help you with the rest of the decisions.

How to move the position of the sink, when planning a new kitchen? 

– You will have to hire a professional plumber to rearrange the water connections in your kitchen. This will of course cause extra costs. We help you with the detailed planning.

Can we have different sizes of POSSI modules than you show on your website?

– Yes, you can. We show a standard collection of modules on our website, but we say ‘everything is POSSIble’. So hit us with your wishes, and we will do everything to make them come true.

Where do I have to place the stove when planning a new kitchen?

– It is recommended to place the stove as central as possible within your kitchen layout. Plan at least 40 cm of worktop area on both sides of the stove.

What are kitchen appliances?

– Kitchen appliances describe all the components which are not part of the kitchen furniture. This means all electrical appliances such as the oven, stove, refrigerator and dishwasher and all appliances connected to water such as the sink and faucet. At POSSI we are experienced with different manufactures and are happy to suggest recommendations. Our official appliance partner is Blanco for sink, faucet and waste separation. All items can be purchased through us.

2. Delivery

How long does it take to get my kitchen delivered? How long is the delivery time of a kitchen?

– Once we have planned your kitchen and confirmed the proposal, delivery to your doorstep takes up to 10 weeks.

What are the delivery costs of a kitchen?

– We usually expect delivery costs not to exceed DKK2.250/ €300 within Europe. The total costs can vary according to the size of your POSSI.

Where do you deliver to?

– We deliver to all EU countries with the same delivery times. If you live outside the EU, we help you find an affordable way to deliver to your doorstep.

3. Materials

What materials are recommended for kitchens?

– At POSSI kitchen we work with two different categories of materials: wood based and steel. All kitchen cabinets are made in laminated wood, especially developed for cabinet making and kitchens. Our kitchen shelving system is made from steel, two kinds: powder-coated steel and stainless steel brushed. Both materials are chosen for long longevity.


What materials are recommended for a kitchen worktop?

– We work with a special kind of laminated wood which comes in the same appearance as our cabinets, but is especially made for kitchen countertops. You can choose between all colors of our collection. It is water-resistant, heat-resistant up to 50°C, made from partly recycled wood and leftovers of the industry. It is robust, easy to clean and food safe.

Alternatively we manufacture a thin stainless steel top which can be placed on top of the worktop and is relatively affordable. Stainless steel is anti-bacterial, fairly easy to clean and very long lasting. Please be aware that while using stainless steel small scratches cannot be avoided.

The most cost intense, popular and long lasting version is a stainless steel plate in 8mm with a welded sink. 

For more detailed information, please visit our material page.