POSSI is flexible

The POSSI system is a reflection on the kitchen in contemporary society. It is a proposal for an alternative perspective on kitchen design. POSSI leaves behind the idea of the kitchen as a built-in, systematic and static feature mounted into architecture, to approach the idea of the kitchen as a flexible and versatile feature of your interior.

POSSI is modular

POSSI is a modular furniture which functions as a kitchen. The core of POSSI is a flexible framework designed to enable the individual to form variable arrangements by easy assemblage. POSSI’s modularity allows for the system to be rearranged and upgraded with new features and technology anytime.

Images: Original Frankfurt Kitchen at Ernst May House in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

POSSI is inspired by the Frankfurt Kitchen of the 1920s, designed by Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky for the Neue Frankfurt social housing project.

POSSI is a tool for care

POSSI does not believe in fixed solutions or universal truths. Both leaves waste for people and the planet. The POSSI system is built on principles of  tailored individual configuration and is meant to put the individual back in the centre of the design. It is a kitchen that puts you and your mental health in the centre. POSSI is generous.

I want my kitchen to make you happy.

POSSI is free-standing

As a free-standing structure POSSI is never dependent on walls. The system can be arranged multi sided and poses good in the centre of space, championing social interaction and entertainment. Don’t put baby in the corner.

POSSI is designed for reassembly and growth

Simple and solid joints allow for the system to be easily taken apart, moved and rebuilt into initial or new arrangements. This organic structure makes a kitchen with long longevity. POSSI is bendy.

POSSI is planet loving

Standard production methods and materials allow for simple repair locally wherever. Materials are carefully selected with our planet in mind. The method of modularity allows the kitchen to be used forever by replacement of single parts and modules. I want you to hold on to it forever.

I want you to see the POSSI kitchen as a tool for care - for yourself as well as for the planet. I want you to hold on to it forever.

POSSI core team Tanita Klein & Sophie Loewenhardt

POSSI was founded in November 2021 in Copenhagen Denmark. The POSSI system is based on Tanita Klein‘s vision on design and has been developed from her graduation project to a ready to order product for four years.

POSSI’s vision is to create a conscious, purpose-driven and organically growing company which will change how we think kitchens and furniture systems.

I see the kitchen as one of the most important spaces in our everyday lives. This should be reflected in a social-centered design.