The POSSI system is a reflection on the kitchen in contemporary society. It is a proposal for an alternative perspective on kitchen design. Together with German manufacturer Blanco, POSSI explores the rhythms in our kitchens. Where the heart is pumping. And how we move accordingly. 

With two temporary kitchen galleries popping up in different locations we will showcase new product releases inspired by exactly this – rhythm and the role of water within this flow. 

We both believe the kitchen is the most important space in our homes. This is where both nutritious and social needs meet satisfaction. Therefore we put POSSI in the center of our kitchen galleries holding Blanco’s water unit. Pumping hydro heart. Meanwhile we will develop some more water related kitchen innovation in the back office.

The Kitchen Gallery in Copenhagen can be seen from December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023  in Korsgade 12, Copenhagen and is open to the public from 12:00 –18:00 on Wednesdays – Saturdays.

For personal appointments click on the flying broccoli.

Water guiding rhythm,
leading flow.
Like the moon draws the high tide to the low tide, to me.